How to get extra income with minimal effort.

Learn how to effectively work with KELTA and make money thanks to blockchain technology without risk and with profit from 30% per year.

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Why you need the KELTA Wallet Course?

Our course serves as a support tool for you to get all the information and practical skills needed to work in our ecosystem. 

You will learn, how to use our app and various modules to create and maximize your passive income. You don´t have to be an expert on blockchain or have expensive computer equipment.

By completing the course, you will also receive many benefits, including the opportunity to gather up to a 50% discount on the maintenance fee while working with KELTA.

Higher Income

Thanks to our course you will be able to increase your computing power and thus your weekly profit.

Lower costs

Learn how to take advantage of advanced Wallet tools and reduce your fees and costs.


Complete the course and get our guarantee and protection of your funds thanks to the unique Insurance module.

Wallet Course

  • check 6 video lessons
  • check 600 gift tokens
  • check 15% discount on the maintenace
  • check Certificate of completion
  • check Unlimited access
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We created KELTA Academy to share our know-how and several years of experience with you. We would like to show you how to grasp the digital world and put it into practice.

You will find out how you can create an additional and, above all, regular and long-term source of income, that will help you to cover your daily needs.

We offer you an opportunity and our skills, but the decision is completely up to you.


KELTA CUBE, s.r.o.
Kopcianska 92/D, 851 05 Bratislava
Slovak Republic, European Union

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